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A subdued year for intermediaries

While some clubs and players have embraced the intermediary system, there are still a number of transfer deals involving local players that have been and are still being concluded without intermediaries. Registered intermediaries recorded little to no business at all in the 2019-2020 season.

The intermediary system was introduced in 2016, replacing the player agent system that had been in place for a while.
Among other deliberate actions to promote accountability and transparency in the transfer of players, the Federation of International Football Associations obliges member associations to publish financial transactions of all registered intermediaries at the end of the football calendar.

Registered intermediaries

  1. George Deda
  2. Cousin Zilala
  3. Gerald Maguranyanga
  4. Charles Jones
  5. Gibson Mahachi
  6. Charles Shumba
  7. Shingi Mathabuka
  8. Placcedes Jefferson
  9. Adrenalin Advertising

Click the link below for a full catalogue of deals transfers during the season in review

2019-2020 Intermediaries data

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