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Area Zones elections candidates cleared

The Electoral Committee has cleared contestants to participate in the Area Zones elections to be held on 21 & 22 July 2018. Positions being contested for in each of the four football regions are:

Area Zone Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and four slots for Executive Committee Members.

The following candidates satisfied preconditions set out by the ZIFA Electoral Code.

                                              Northern Region Area Zone

Chairperson: Chikoti Moses

Vice Chairperson: Kadewere Prosper

Executive Committee Members: Madi Umali & Musiya Clyde


                                           Eastern Region Area Zone

Chairperson: Chimutanda Robert

Vice Chairperson: Mupepe Tapiwa

Executive Committee Members: Mugorosa Robert, Kurwa Robert, Chikumbirike Stanley


                                          Central Region Area Zone

Chairperson: Moyo Artwell

Executive Committee Members: Chakanetsa Vakisayi, Mbweku Kudakwashe & Dzimba Doubt

                                         Southern Region Area Zone

Chairperson: Masuku Ndodana

Vice Chairperson: Nyathi Dominic

Executive Committee Members: Banda Richard, Jaka Jaka, Senzeni Sibanda & Chuma Innocent

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