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Exco unveils equipment for futsal, beach soccer & youth leagues

Officiating at a media event where the association unveiled equipment for futsal, youth, and beach soccer leagues, President Felton Kamambo remarked that, “Starting from today, football in Zimbabwe will never be the same.”

Football development equipment which comprises of balls, bibs, cones, pumps, whistles and first aid kits was secured by ZIFA through FIFA’s equipment solidarity grant.

Kamambo revealed that the bulk of the equipment will be channeled towards the establishment of Under-15 regional leagues for both boys boys and girls. Girls leagues will be established at provincial level with each league consisting of ten teams.

The president also revealed that some equipment will be dedicated towards restructuring elite women’s football from its current national league to four regional leagues made up of ten teams each.

This development comes at a time when some clubs in the Zimbabwe Women Super League are facing challenges with funding for transport to fulfill away matches.

Beach soccer leagues will also follow the regional format, with each regional league consisting of ten teams.

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