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FIFA Foundation promises to build stadium for Cyclone victims

Following the devastation of football infrastructure and equipment in Chimanimani and surrounding areas by Cyclone Idai in March, the FIFA Foundation has offered to help with repairs and equipment for the youth in affected communities..

This was revealed by Foundation Manager Pritchett Segbe on the sidelines of a meeting attended by representatives of ZIFA, the Sport and Recreation Commission, the ministry of Youth, Sport and Recreation, as well as the ministry of Local Government, National Housing and Public Works.

“We had a first meeting which went really well. They gave us a good idea of what kind of support will be needed to really target the foundation work in supporting the communities affected in different areas of Zimbabwe.”

Segbe said that on top of the equipment donation, the Foundation will construct one stadium and about fifteen open area pitches across all affected communities.

“We will try to provide balls and kits for the children, the youth to be able to play.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take with the shipment, the quantities and the customs [clearance], it might take a few weeks or a few months, but that is something which is definitely in the pipeline and will be happening as soon as possible.”

“And then on the later stage obviously the idea is to construct some pitches or stadium that have been devastated by the cyclone.”

“Maybe one stadium and fifteen pitches on open areas that will be supporting the different communities.”

The Foundation delegation only stayed for a day but will return ‘soon’ to visit the affected communities in order to assess the extent of the damage caused by Cyclone Idai.

En-route to Zimbabwe, the FIFA Foundation delegates visited Mozambique and Malawi which were also affected by the natural disaster.



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