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Football stakeholders urged to shun bogus intermediaries

The Zimbabwe Football Association would like to advise all football stakeholders involved in any player transfers to engage bona fide  intermediaries, duly registered and licensed by the local football mother body. In that vein, ZIFA strongly warns all individuals and corporates who are masquerading as intermediaries to desist from handling player transfers, failure of which will force the association to invoke football statues on the offending parties.  The Association has noted with dismay that some individuals are already practising as intermediaries without requisite licenses . We are disturbed that last week one individual was quoted in the newspapers masquerading as an intermediary. We feel this is fraudulent.

ZIFA recently invited applications from individuals and corporates interested in becoming intermediaries, and all who are interested are encouraged to apply for licensing in order to avoid punitive action.

Meanwhile, ZIFA would like to categorically state that it fully recognises and respects the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ) as a trade union for players. However, the association strongly urges FUZ to stick to its mandate, while avoiding encroaching into association football business. The ZIFA Player Status Committee is the only football authority sanctioned to deliberate on disputes involving players and clubs.

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