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High court dismisses Kasinauyo’s urgent application

Edzai Kasinauyo

Edzai Kasinauyo

The High court has dismissed an urgent chamber application by suspended ZIFA Executive Committee member Edzai Kasinauyo.

Mr Kasinauyo had approached the courts to compel ZIFA to avail the alleged match fixing evidence within 24hrs. Mr Kasinauyo also wanted the courts to bar ZIFA from associating, alleging and or accusing him of the match fixing allegations in any forum whatsoever should they fail to produce match fixing evidence within 24 hours.

Mr Kasinauyo also wanted the courts to declare his suspension as irregular and not procedural and therefore of no force and effect.

The matter with the case number HC 3187 was placed before her ladyship Honourable Justice Matanda-Moyo and she declared that the case was not urgent.

Mr Kasinauyo was yesterday provisionally expelled  by the Zimbabwe Football Executive Committee for taking football matters to court.

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