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Local referee invited for Elite course

Faith Mloyi is among 16 assistant referees selected by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to take part in an Elite ‘A’ Women referees course in Djibouti from 25 to 29 November 2019.

Mloyi said she feels honoured to be among top officials granted the opportunity to undergo theoretical, physical and technical tests which will enhance her refereeing knowledge and skills.

“I’m very happy and humbled to be selected among top female assistant referees in Africa.

“This is a very important high-level course. It will improve my understanding and interpretation of the laws of the game,” Mloyi said.

Mloyi (36) started out back in 2002 as Faith Sibanda and along the way in her now long service she found love and became Mrs Mloyi.

“I wrote a beginners course in 2001 and started refereeing in 2002 that is 17 years from now,” she said.
Refereeing being predominantly a male preserve, she admitted that there are challenges which she had to overcome as a woman to become a top referee.
“A lot of people just look down upon women in this trade. But as an individual I had to be strong and show that I can do it just like male referees,” she said
Mloyi has advice to aspiring female referees who are daunted by the idea of taking up careers in male dominated spheres.

“To all women i say take the challenge and be brave. Be yourself, pray and believe you can do it,” she added.

Besides Mloyi, there are 10 other elite female referees on the Zimbabwe Football Association panel and six of them are on the Federation on International Football Associations panel.


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