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14TH AUGUST 2019

Subject: Meeting between the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the ZIFA presidium and subsequent ZIFA Executive Committee’s Emergency Committee meeting deliberations and resolutions of 9th August 2019 in Harare.

  1. Meeting with the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe on the African Cup of Nations Cup and general issues affecting Zimbabwean football.

The ZIFA presidium comprising the ZIFA president Mr Felton Kamambo and acting vice president Mr Phillemon Machana met the President of Zimbabwe, Cde E.D Mnangagwa in line with the resolution of the full ZIFA Executive Committee to request for such a meeting. The presidium thanked President of  Zimbabwe H.E. E.D Mnangagwa on the critical role he played in setting up, leading and galvanising the fundraising campaign effort. ZIFA is grateful that in spite of the embarrassment that His Excellency Cde E.D Mnangagwa may have endured as a result of unfortunate events which transpired during the Africa Cup of Nations, the President of Zimbabwe upon getting a full briefing and apology from ZIFA presidium, accepted  such and even jovially and in fatherly style proffered suggestions on how ZIFA can better manage the sport and such tournaments going forward. ZIFA shall forever remain indebted to the wisdom they got from the State President and wishes to inform the Nation that the association has already begun implementing the advice which we got from the Highest Office.

In the same vein we wish to inform the nation that His Excellency agreed and authorised the release of the part of the residual resources from the AFCON fundraising initiatives to service outstanding commitments of the association namely the CHAN and COSAFA women tournaments. We are also grateful to the fundraising committee especially the committed chairperson Hon Kazembe Kazembe for also supporting this. We inform the Nation that what is left now is the processing of the payments by the relevant organs of the committee directly to beneficiaries as has been the norm.


The following resolutions were also discussed and unanimously endorsed in the Emergency Committee meeting:

  1. Appointment of technical teams for Senior Men’s national team
  2. The names of the technical personnel for the national team which the ZIFA technical and development committee came up with and presented, were discussed with amendments and ZIFA will in due course make official pronouncement. The individuals who have been shortlisted and their handlers are being contacted so that contractual issues are finalised. The association believe that all its national teams shall be manned by competent, highly technical, qualified and patriotic personnel.
  3. Reconstructing the senior national men’s team
  4. The entire national men’s team was with immediate effect disbanded following wide consultations with stakeholders. The decision to disband the entire national team from the technical team to the players was arrived at after going through the technical reports which the association received and the recommendations from the ZIFA Technical and Development Committee.
  5. The establishment of the new national team set up was to be informed by the association’s national teams policy, code of conduct and philosophy with all future call ups based on commitment, technical and tactical aptitude, patriotism and above all discipline.  Players and technical personnel with a questionable commitment to national duty shall not be considered for any selection in the future.
  6. However, the new technical set up based on their own discretion have a right to select players who were in the previous team.
  7. Life bans for Messrs Philip Chiyangwa and Omega Sibanda
  8. Mr Philip Chiyangwa was banned for life for bringing Zimbabwean football into disrepute through the 2019 COSAFA Cup bid debacle wherein he unilaterally submitted an incomplete bid document without getting the government guarantee and ZIFA Board resolution which ended up attracting a ban form COSAFA where Mr Chiyangwa is the president. Zifa are however appealing on the ban and still pursuing their case with COSAFA to have Mr Chiyangwa revoked, unlike some sentiments ZIFA advises the Nation that this case is still alive and believes Mr Chiyangwa will have his day in COSAFA soon.
  9. Mr Omega Sibanda was banned for life following his incessant interference with ZIFA judicial bodies during which he sought to influence a ZIFA lawyer to throw away a ZIFA electoral case, in a bid to foment turmoil in Zimbabwean.


All ZIFA affiliates who are instructed to enforce the Ban, COSAFA, SRC, Ministry, FIFA and CAF have been notified on the Bans and amongst conditions of such are that the individuals concerned are no longer with immediate effect allowed entry into all ZIFA sanctioned football matches played in Zimbabwe, football meetings, conferences and Indaba.

The position taken by ZIFA does not absolve the two individuals from being further brought to book for more transgressions that are still to be concluded and under investigation.

  1. Meeting between Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation ,SRC Board and ZIFA

The association resolved to engage the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation to facilitate a meeting between the Ministry, SRC Board and ZIFA in order to foster the re-engagement between ZIFA and SRC and remove any mistrust and misunderstanding between the two organisations. Letters have been written to the two authorities requesting for same.

  1. National teams assignments.

The association shall work round the clock to ensure that the national team’s assignments for the year and in future are serviced. We are mindful of the resource constraints but we shall spare no efforts to mobilise resources for all our teams. We shall however implement austerity measures so as to sustain the heavy competitions schedule while not ignoring developmental thrust in the grassroots.


  1. Abridged Income and Expenditure statement for 2019 Afcon and Cosafa

As a transparent and accountable organisation, the Association hereby publishes the 2019 Abridged Afcon and Cosafa income statement. Please click the link below to view the statement



Joseph  Mamutse

General  Secretary

For and on behalf of the Zimbabwe Football Association Executive Committee




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