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Refs’ Committee announces officials on the 2018 FIFA Panel

The Zimbabwe Football Association Referees Committee is pleased to announce that the following referees and assistant referees have been approved by the FIFA Referees Committee for the 2018 international lists.

Male Referees
Matemera Norman
Musundire Nomore 
Ncube Pilan

Male Assistant Referees
Kusosa Thomas
Mhara Luckson
Rumeck Edgar
Nkala Tafadzwa
Nyika Brighton
Ncube Salani

Female Referees
Majo Rusina
Mayimbo Mercy
Nyahuye Thanks

Female Assistant Referees
Simango Claris
Ruvinga Stella
Mloyi Faith

The Referees Committee is confident that the selected officials will continue to raise the Zimbabwean flag higher by performing at their optimum. All but two (Nkala Tafadzwa and Mayimbo Mercy) were on the FIFA panel in 2017.

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