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Stakeholders join hands to move on from 24 March tragedy

An all-stakeholder meeting was held at the ZIFA House on 8 April to identify and seek ways to correct issues noted from the staging of the match between Zimbabwe and Congo on 24 March 2019.

A stampede occurred a few minutes prior to the commencement of the match at gate 3 and four which resulted in an unfortunate loss of Egna Nyamadzawo’s life and the injury of other supporters.

All concerned stakeholders, including the stadium authority, security services and ZIFA made the following resolutions with the view of averting recurrence of similar accidents and incidents in future events.

  1. Increasing security presence within and outside the stadium perimeter
  2. Intensifying efforts to encourage and educate fans on coming to the stadium early
  3. Continuing with advance ticket sales and seeking ways to improve the online system
  4. Barricades will be erected at all areas leading to turnstiles or entry points
  5. Using clear signage and loud speakers to usher supporters to correct entry points
  6. Revamping admission systems at entry points, looking to adopt electronic turnstiles
  7. Discontinuing the complimentary tickets system or drastically reducing the quantities

These resolutions were formulated by all stakeholders with the aim of moving into an era of accident-free events.

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