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Warriors supporter laid to rest

She had chosen the Warriors as her first team to watch ever. But sadly she did not get to realise her dream, neither did she go back home to her family after arriving at the National Sports Stadium on 24 March.
Egna Nyamadzawo was laid to rest earlier this afternoon in Mutonda village kuDomboshava.

She had become a member of the football family, ZIFA President Felton Kamambo said. He said what pains him most is that she had heeded the call to come and support the Warriors but she will never be able to come to the stadium again.

Nyamadzawo was trampled to death by other supporters while she was trapped under a gate that had fallen over during a stampede at one entry point just before the match kicked off.
Members of the National Soccer Supporters Association and the Friends of the Warriors made the trip to Domboshava to pay their last respects too.
Egna is survived by husband Mike and their two boys.
Rest in peace cadre, only the lord knows why it had to be on March the 24th.

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