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Warriors/DR Congo gate charges reviewed upwards

The Zimbabwe Football Association advises all Warriors supporters coming to watch the match against DR Congo that the gate charges have been revised upwards.

The new prices are as follows:

Rest of the ground $5
Bay 15-18 $10
VIP $50

Parking vehicles within the stadium will attract a charge of $1 per vehicle.

We appeal to the Warriors supporters to come in numbers and be part of the team’s journey to the finals in Cameroon next year.

8 Responses

  1. gumede

    Thus the problem with you ZIFA ,when yu start winning you want to capitalise on the supporters ,why all at a sudden you review gate takings upwards ,to me thats madness .Thus why people are saying this zifa guys in the executive are now illegal

  2. patmire

    But you guys don’t joke with us, how can you raise gate charges in a one day notice??. Woe to you c zifa board and its leaders is now youre seeming like real oppressors, If I may ask how are you going to differentiate yourself from this current government of our. I mean be serious and assuredly this will hurt our team they will be supporting themselves, I need to know how can you overcharge as if you want to make profit

  3. if i manage to attend I would rather support DRC. Cant pay $5 in such a hard time. They now want to abandon the fans who have rallied behind the warriors when there was need. Shame on you


    How can we come in our numbers wen even you want to profiteer through us
    hw can we come when you suddenly change charges upwards
    its not acceptable

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