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ZIFA Expels Edzai Kasinauyo

Edzai Kasinauyo

Edzai Kasinauyo

Zimbabwe Football Association Executive Committee has provisionally expelled Edzai Kasinauyo as a member of the ZIFA Executive Committee.

In a letter dated 29 March 2016, ZIFA General Secretary Jonathan Mashingaidze notified Edzai Kasinauyo of the expulsion.

The letter reads as follows.

“Reference is made to the decision of the ZIFA Executive Committee on the 29th of March 2016 where it has been resolved that in terms of Article 34 (n) of the ZIFA constitution you are forthwith provisionally dismissed as a ZIFA Executive Committee member subject to the confirmation of your expulsion by the ZIFA Congress in terms of the ZIFA constitution.

“Further note that in terms of Article 36 (5) of the ZIFA constitution you are forthwith relieved of all your rights and functions as an Executive Committee member with immediate effect. The reasons being for your provisional dismissal are as follows.

“You have violated the ZIFA constitution by taking a dispute to the ordinary courts in violation of Article 60 (1) of the ZIFA constitution. It is common cause that on the 24th of March 2016 you filed an urgent chamber application as an Applicant against Zimbabwe Football Association whom you cited as Respondent in case number HC 3187/16;” wrote Mashingaidze.

“Further you have violated the terms and conditions of your suspension of the 8th of March 2016 which prohibited you from making any contact of any nature whatsoever with ZIFA members and officials. On the 9th of March 2016 you flagrantly violated the terms of your suspension by storming in the private office of the ZIFA President at no. 160 Enterprise road in Harare;” added the ZIFA General Secretary.

“You have shown absolute disdain and disregard of the ZIFA constitution and the ZIFA Rules and Regulations in your conduct which intransigently violates Article 2 (e) and Article 7 of the ZIFA constitution,” inscribed Mashingaidze.

“Accordingly you provisionally ceased to be a member of ZIFA Executive Committee member and therefore you must therefore forthwith cease to act, represent and associate yourself with ZIFA in any matter whatsoever. Be advised that any misrepresentation of a purported association with ZIFA will obviously attract necessary criminal sanctions,” concluded Mashingaidze.


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