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ZIFA holds two courses for match officials

The Zimbabwe Football Association, sponsored by the Federation of International Football Associations, held two courses for referees and instructors at Elangeni Training Centre in Bulawayo to educate match officials on amendments made to the laws of the game by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in March 2019.

Thirty-five elite referees underwent a three-day programme between 7 and 10 September which encompassed theory, fitness and practical lessons conducted by FIFA instructors,our own Felix Tangawarima and Gregory Krzosek from Poland.

Among several changes made to the laws of the game, contentious issues like the classification of the handball (Law 12), penalty (Law 14) and dropped ball (Laws 8 & 9) were elaborated on.

In what was a first of its kind, a course for referees’ instructors held from 12 to 16 September to equip trainers with knowledge about amendments made by the IFAB. Thirty-five instructors drawn from grassroots up to the elite level benefited from the landmark course which will improve Zimbabwe’s capacity to train more referees.

A course for referees below the age of twenty-five will be held in Bulawayo on between 26 and 30 September. Each of the country’s ten provinces will be represented by a minimum of three participants and the participants will be selected on merit.

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